Xiaoyuan Gao(CN) is a Rotterdam-based freelance graphic designer, image-maker, type designer and the initiator of “notyourtype foundry”. She loves experimenting with unconventional approaches to type design and typesetting. She sees type design (making custom characters into a font file) as making a tool for typing, just like a customised typewriter. She also enjoys creating visuals out of found images , which allows her to combine typography and imagery in playful ways.

Xiaoyuan 是一名平面设计师,字体设计师,图像爱好者以及notyourtype foundry的发起人。她喜欢做一些比较有试验性,非常规的字体设计。她也喜欢做一些图像相关的项目,在图像和字体设计上的实践让她对平面设计有自己的理解。(中文太难翻译了,您凑合看吧。)

type design stuffs
notyourtype foundry
Velvetyne Type Foundry

current collaborators
Marie Madonna, Benjamin LiStudio Pianpian He and Max Harvey and Velvetyne Type Foundry

Jing He, Xiaomin Deng, Ieke Trinks, Graphic Design Arnhem(ArtEZ)



BA Graphic Design, ArtEZ University of the Arts

Arnhem, NL


BA Visual Communication Design, Random Chinese University

Dalian, CN



2024 11th February

Is This Your Type #2 — Type Design Workshop

Graphic Design Fair 
Nieuwe Instituut and NAibookseller
Rotterdam NL

2023 15th September

Guest Designer — Typographic Nights (VII)

Page Not Found
The Hague, NL

2023 AugustPresent

Web Designer for Jing He’s new website

Studio Jing He

2023 JunePresent

Graphic Design Assistant

Studio Pianpian He and Max Harvey
Remote, Canada

2023 JanuaryPresent

Web Designer for an ongoing project

Benjamin Li

2023 22nd March

Guest Speaker

the Hmm at Collectie De Groen
Arnhem, NL

2023 23rd 24th January

Host - Is this your type?

TypeDesign Workshop
Graphic Design Dept. Project Month
ArtEZ Arnhem

2021 November2022 January

Visual Identity Design — Sky-Writing

Zhang Yehong’s Solo Exhibition
Simulacara Space
Beijing, CN

2021 JulyPresent

Type and Graphic Designer, Founder

notyourtype foundry & Studio Xiaoyuan Gao
Rotterdam, NL

2021 September2021 December

Graphic and Type Design Intern

Studio Charlotte Rohde
Amsterdam NL

2016 August2017 March

User Interface Design Intern


Beijing China